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With this tool you can capture your screen while you're doing real work. At any moment you can pop up this image as screen saver using a hotkey or mouse click to make it look as though you're working or launch windows's screen saver. This utility will be very useful for you if you love to have a rest for game or any other extraneous program in working hours and need to switch display contents to work environment at unexpected chief appearence .

Screen saver launching with hotkey or mouse click is especially useful if you frequently fall to thinking while looking on the screen and not making any actions, but consider necessary periodically to start screen saver (for example leaving a working place).

You can use this tool to produce screen shot also and edit it with any editor as bitmap file or convert it to any other format.

This small simple program helps you to protect your display content privacy against curiosity of the chief, colleagues or members of family.


There is new version ABossScreen 1.2 now! 


Version 1.2 has Install and Uninstall features. It's size is 301K. If you don't need this features, you can use ABossScreen 1.1. It's size is 75K only.


Menu Items

Left-Button mouse click activates PopUp Bitmap. To close Bitmap use HotKey ALT+A

Right-Button mouse click activates popup menu.

Menu Item

Hot Key


PopUp bitmap 


Pop up previously selected bitmap. To close bitmap use  ALT+A

Screen Saver


Start your conventional screensaver (this is screensaver you select in display properties). You should set start time interval for this screensaver big enought.

Select Bitmap


Select bitmap file to popup.

Capture Bitmap


Capture screen to save it in *.bmp file



Register program






Exit program

no item


Close popuped bitmap



Quick Start


  1. Start ABossScreen.exe - you will see eye-style icon in System tray.
  2. Make screen content - start application you want to be captured and displayed in popup bitmap.
  3. Right click AbossScreen (eye icon) in system tray  to get menu.
  4. Click in "Capture bitmap" item to capture screen.
  5. Insert file name for bitmap.
  6. Right click AbossScreen (eye icon) in tray  to get menu.
  7. Click in "Select bitmap" item.
  8. Select bitmap file. This bitmap will be pop up with "Pop up bitmap" command.

Your ABossScreen is ready to use. Now you can:

  1. Popup bitmap with HotKey ALT+CTRL+Z or left-button mouse click AbossScreen in tray and close bitmap with HotKey ALT+A.
  2. Start your conventional Screen Saver with HotKey ALT+CTRL+S or  "Screen saver" item from menu.
  3. Exit program with HotKey ALT+CTRL+P or "Exit" item from menu


ABossScreen is shareware program, you can use it 1 month free. Registration costs $8 only.

Have a fun!

ABossScreen Screen shot

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